Sr. No Trade Theory Trade Practical
1 Importance of the trade, future prospect etc. safety precaution while working on floor and on O.H. line, Electric shock, First aid treatment in case of electric shock. Description and specification care and maintenance and use of track hand tools. Demonstration on elementary first Aid Artificial Respiration.

Demonstration of hand tools, description, use, care and maintenance.

2 Types of wires and cables their classification according to voltage and insulation and standard voltage in India (Low, Medium, High)

Electrical Appliances: irons, toaster, electric drill machine, water heater and its types, hair dryer.

Use of steel rules, S.W.G. outside micrometer, method of removing insulation of wire.

Dismantling, sketching, observing, studying each part of electrical appliances.

3 Fundamental of electricity, terms, definition units matter, molecules, atom electricity types of electricity, types of current, cycle frequency current , voltage, resistance work power, energy etc. general electrical symbols. Single strand wire joints- straight joint, tee joint

Multi standard wire joints – married joint, Tee joint.

4 Conductor – definition, properties, examples of conductor in used

Insulator – Definition, properties, different insulating material used.

Resistor – definition and their different types and properties.

Base copper/ Aluminum conductor  joint – Britania straight, Britania Tee joint.
5 Soldering – Soldering methods and equipments and types of solder

Flux – purpose of use & type

Soldering practice of wire joint, aluminium conductor soldering practice, crimping practice.
6 Identification of AC and DC instruments, connection and use of A.V.W. & K.W.H. (meter), multimeter, single phase energy meter, three phase energy meter and measuring respective electrical quantity. Connection practice of various meter to the load and knowledge of electrical quantity.
7  Electrical circuits – closed, short, open and earth leakage circuit, ohm’s law and simple related calculation, D.C. circuits, series, parallel circuit and simple calculation Verification of ohm’s law verification the properties of series, parallel and series parallel circuit.
8 Electrical wiring accessories – electrical wiring system – Tree system and distribution system, advantages and disadvantages. IE rules for wiring RS737 – 1963/65 fuse. Practice of fixing and connection of various electrical accessories on the board surface mounting and flush mounting type.
9 Cleat wiring, C.T.S. wiring – specification of all wiring materials accessories and method. Preparations of testing board – single point and 2 point.
10 Surface wiring – P.V.C. conduit , P.V.C. casing capping method, specification of all wiring materials and accessories.

Metallic conduit wiring system.

Cleat wiring practice, C.T.S. wiring practice – one lamp with on switch, two lamp with one switch in series and  parallel and different example.
11 Concealed wiring system, testing and inspection of wiring installation by megger underground cable system. P.V.C. conduit pipe, P.V.C. casing capping wiring practice – stair case, godown, tunnel, hostel
12 Making layout of diagram of domestic wiring, earthing and its importance. Pipe earthing – diagram, method of doing material required and specification (in details) Domestic house wiring, 3 phase wiring with energy meter and power wiring
13 Plate earthing – Diagram method of doing materials required with specification. Testing the earth, resistance by earth tester. Method of improving earthing (decreasing the earth resistance) method adopted. Testing of wiring with megger and electricity department formalities.
14 Work, power and energy units and related calculation.

Electrolysis – Anode, cathode, process and terms and definition.

Faraday law of electrolysis and calculation

Pipe earthing, plate earthing (Practical / Demonstration on site) testing of earthing with lamp and multimeter.
15 Primary and Secondary cells definition advantages and disadvantages. Voltaic cell and dry cell construction and working defects, remedies and care and maintenance Grouping of dry cell in series parallel and series parallel circulation of current and voltage.
16 Rechargeable dry cell, construction, working care and maintenance.

Lead acid cell, constructional parts details working.

Charging method of lead acid battery and indication of tally charge battery

Charging of battery, use of cell tester and high rate discharge cell tester
17 Defect, remedies, care and maintenance of lead acid battery and testing by hydrometer and high rate discharge cell tester.

Solar cell construction working and use of grouping cell.

Care and maintenance of lead acid battery and demonstration on battery parts.
18 Magnet definition, classification properties care and maintenance and Earth as magnet.

Molecular theory of magnet and magnetic induction, different method magnetizing magnetic material. Various important terms and definition used in magnetism.

Verification the properties of magnet tracing the magnetic field of needle and Bar magnet.
19 Electro-magnetism – definition and magnetic effect of electric current.

Different rule to find out direction of magnetic field around current carring conductors and coil. (Right hand rule, Cork Screw rule, Helix rule etc)

Magnetising magnetic material by single and double touch method.

Preparation of electro magnet and to trace magnetic field around it.

20 Electro magnetic induction Faradays law of electromagnetic self induced and mutually induced e.m.f Verification of field strength by verifying field current and number of turns.

Rewinding electromagnet of electric bell and buzzer.

21 Principle of DC generator, e.m.f. generation, use of spilt ring and slip ring and construction of commutator and its use. Parts of DC generator, description and function of each part. Right hand rule. Identifying terminal of DC Machine (Ohm meter and test lamp) Testing DC machine by megger.
22 Armature reaction, separately exited gen and its type. Self exicted generator and its type. (series, short compound, and its type of compound generator) Dismantling, sketching, observing, studying, each part of DC machine overhaul and assemble the same.
23 Calculation of losses, efficiency and regulation of DC gen course remedies for DC gen fails to buildup the voltage Connection build up voltage of shunt generator and also to plot O.C.C. (Self and separately exciter)
24 Principle and working of DC motors, left hand rule torque, speed back e.m.f. and related calculation Dismantle and study of three point and four point DC starter.
25 Shunt motor, compound motor and its type characteristics and application. Defects, causes and remedies in DC motor Connecting, starting and running of DC shunt and compound motor built – 3 point and 4 point starter.
26 Starter – 3 point and 4 point construction working and application. Defects, causes and remedies in DC motor. Use of tachometer, speed control of DC shunt motor (above and below normal)
27 Capacitor – definition, principle, construction, capacity of capacitor –factor, capacity and unit. Types of capacitor. Charge, discharge and test the capacitor. Identification of different types of capacitor.
28 Alternating current and advantages of AC over DC generation of AC single phase supply. Verification of properties of balance star connection and also to measure the power.
29 Poly phase – definition and advantages of poly phase over single phase. Generation of poly phase star and delta connection relation between phase voltage, line voltage, phase current, line control, simple calculation. Verification of properties of balance star connection and also to measure the power.
30 Measurement of power in 3 phase supply by wattmeters, causes of low power factor improving power factor. Measurement of power in 3 phase supply by wattmeter. Measurement energy in single phase and three phase circuit.
31 Working principle of Alternator, types of Alternator, Different parts, functions of each, brash labs alternator, Automatic voltage regulator. Dismantling, study each parts, assembles and identify the terminals of alternator. Building the voltage of an alternator.
32 Transformer – definition, basic construction,  working principle, types of transformation ratio and EMF equation of transformer and calculation. Open circuit test on transformer.
33 Losses in transformer and calculation: OC and SC test on transformer. Auto transformer – Principle, constructor and use. Short circuit test on transformer.
34 Instrument – transformer, principle, construction, types of transformer – core, voltage, cooling etc Connection of two single phase transformer in parallel.
35 Different parts of transformer functions of each part, protective devices. Purpose of cooling and different methods of cooling transformers. Voltage regulation and efficiency of single phase transformer.
36 Poly phase induction motor – Construction, working principle and uses Dismantle and study of each part of 3 phase sq. case induction motor and slip ring ind motor.
37 Types of 3 phase induction motors – Single sq cage induction motor, double sq cage induction motor, slip ring induction motor. Study each part of D.O.L. Star – Delta, starter, connect, start and charge D.O.R. of motor.
38 Type of AC motor starters – DOL starter, star delta starter, Auto transformer, Rotor resistance Study each part of Auto transformer and Rotor resistance starter, connect, start and chase DOR of motor.
39 Single phase AC motors – classification, pulsating field of single phase supply and method of splitting. Identification terminals, connection, start and change of DOR of capacitor start, capacitor start, capacitor run motor.
40 Split phase motors – capacitor motors, shaded pole motor, construction, working and use. Identification terminals, connection, start and change of DOR of permanent capacitor motor shaded pole motor.
41 Repulsion motors, Universal motor, construction working and use. Study each part, connection start & charge the DOR of repulsion motors & universal motor.
42 Types of lighting – Incandescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp – construction, working, wattage available use. Connection of H.P.M.V lamp halogen lamp & Neon sign with AC supply.
43 HPMV lamps, Sodium vapour lamp. Construction, working, wattage available and use.

CFL solar, Neon & Halogen lamp construction working & use.

Connection of HPMV lamp halogen lamp & Neon sign with AC supply
44 Fundamental terms used in AC winding. Different types of AC winding. Method of developing three phase winding. Rewinding three phase Sq. cage induction motor
45 Method of developing single phase winding diagram method of caring winding, varnishing & testing winding. Types of DC winding. Rewinding ceiling fan/table fan.
46 Introduction of electronics & semi conductors. PN junction diodes & forward & reverse biasing. Important of rectification & diodes are rectifier & type Identification of electronics component, color code resistors
47 Introduction to transistors. Biasing of PNP & NPN transistors. Different types of transistors Making of half wave, full wave & bridge rectifiers.
48 Practical on Site / industrial visit Practical on site / Industrial visit
49 Revision Revision
50 Final Exam Final Exam