1 Fundamentals & Basics of Computers
What is a computer, Features of Computers, Uses, Types of Computers, History of computers, Generation of computers, other Peripherals, Types of Memory, Internal storage, External storage, Input and Output devices, Keyboard familiarity Switching ON a computer, Shutting Down a Computer, Essential care to be taken while working on a computer. Hard disk, Floppy disk, CD ROM
Software: Types of software, system  software, Application software, Utility Operating System, Languages, Compilers & Interpreters, Bits & Bytes, Central Processing Unit, What is virus, Types of Viruses, Method of Eliminating Viruses.
Types of software
Basic computer concept
Fundamentals & Basics of Computers
Introduction of personal Computers & its applications.
Keyboard practice with emphasize on accuracy and speed.
Practice to store and retrieve information’s through storage media
Use of system and application software
2 Operating System

Windows: Getting started with windows, Introduction to windows, Desktop Icons, My Computer, Network neighborhood, Recycle bin, Notepad, Settings: Control Panel, Date/Time
Display: Background, Screen Saver, Appearance, Mouse, printer, adding a printer, Taskbar, Adding and removing programs, find, finding files, Help, Run.
DOS: Introduction to DOS. Compare DOS, Windows and Linux, DOS Prompt, working at prompt, DOS commands- copy con, DIR, Type, Ren, Vol, MD, CD, RD and copy

Wordpad & Paint

Getting familiar with Windows

File management
Setting through Control Panel
Using Essential Accessories
Installation of Software

3 Window Explorer:-  Creating a folder, changing the file or folder, copying a file or folder, moving a file or folder, Deleting a file or folder, Retrieving a file or folder. Data transfer between hard drives and other external medias e.g. Pen., cd, DVD, memory card etc.

Networking concepts:- What is  networking, Types of Networks, Required network elements, concepts & Definition of network services, Transmisssion media, file services, communication media, Types of Transmission media, cables, Types of Toplogies, Types of Hubs, Network connectivity, Repeaters, Types of Repeaters, Bridges, Routers, Gateways, Network interface card (NIC), modem, and

DOS commands
4  Advance windows and concepts:- Binary Number system, converting binary to decimal and reverse, Path (command line), Ports, Disk, Fragmentation, PNP DATA compression (WinZip, Acrobot PDF), CD/DVD writing (Nero), DDE/OLE, intro. To HD partitions, creating user in win XP using pen drive, what is Software/Hardware installation , Disk management (Boot sector, FAT, ROOT Dir, Data area, Format disk, tracks and sectors), adding deleting icons and new menus in star menu, creating internet connection, customizing folders

Internet Basics:- concepts of WWW, internet surfing  & E-mailing Basic concepts, searching information, use of internet for education , communication  of internet, internet  Domains, internet server identities, Establishing connectivity on the internet , client IP Address, Overview of TCP/IP and its services, internet protocol, The word wide web, Talnet, Web server, Web client/Browser.

Internet Basic:-

Basic Concepts, Communication on the internet, internet Domains, internet server

Identities, Establishing connectivity on the internet. Client IP address, Overview of TCP/IP and its services, internet protocol, The word wide web, Talnet, web server, Web client/Browser

5 MS-Word :- introduction of word screen, starting a new document, Entering text, File menu, New, Open, Close, Save, Save as, Print setup, Print, edit menu, undo redo, cut, copy, paste, clear, select all, find, replace, Go to, view menu, normal, print layout, Toolbar, Header & Footer, Full screen, zoom, insert menu, Break page numbers, date & time, Auto Text, symbol, footnote, picture, text boxes, file, bookmark, Hyperlink. Format menu, Font, paragraph, Bullets & Numbering, Borders & Shading, Columns, abs, drop cap, change case, background, tool menu, spelling & grammar, language, word count, Auto correct, mail merge, Envelopes, & labels, table menu & window menu. Practical:- Design Projects on application typing, latter typing, bio data, reports, statement, notes, booklets, newspaper, add, flyers, new paper format etc
6 Ms Powerpoint:- Introduction to powerpoint windows, features, how is powerpoint, useful, slides, handouts, & speakers notes, creating a presentation using auto content wizard, viewing your presentation, editing your presentation outline, saving the presentation. Creating blank presentation, types of auto layouts, opening an existing presentation, checking spelling, deleting slides, moving slides, inserting  a slides. Slide master, working with header & footer, drawing toolbar, changing fon t &font size , inserting a picture, Applying, background color and inserting slides  from files. Rehearse timing, adding and set up show, custom animation effect.

Scanning & Editing Pictures/Images in picture Editor :

Scanning, Resizing, cropping, Editing color, contrast, Brightness, gray scale, b/w etc.

Practical:- Design projects  on real life presentations like seminars, conference decease, products, course, services, layout, organization map, stratergy etc. using text, pictures, audio, video, animations, graphics.
7 Intro to MS-Excel:- Introduction to Excel screen, creating a new workbook, entering a data, moving or copy characters within a cell copy only values comments or cell formats, existing Excel, calculation using formulas, Inserting column, row, worksheet, Applying Borders, Fillings colors, Freeze pans, and Printing Practicing different commands and using different formulas to prepare reports with formulas

Design graphs


Process Overview, Environment, Toolbox, dialog box, working with Ruler & Guides Additional Help Resources, Working with text, Text option using story Editor Printing.

Layout Solution Working with leading, Advance Character formatting, Insertion & removing pages, Working with columns, Graphics, and Overview,  Drawing with page maker, working with Graphics, getting started with colors, creating colors Library.

Pagemaker styles, Using master pages, Using mater pages, Using page maker templates, Working the Add continued line, Balancing columns, Applying case of text, Working with the Drop cap, Using the Grid manager, Using the Build booklet Plug-in, Using running header and footer, header & footer


Introduction to Corel Draw: Bitmaps, Corel interface, Corel Draw controls, Working with menus and toolbars, Using  zoom and pan tool, Working with dockers and getting help.

Start-up and file handling: Launching Corel Draw, Creating new document, Opening document, Importing Graphics & text, saving drawing, Making Backup files, and Exporting Drawings.

Select, Move, Cope and Size: Selecting Objects, Moving, Copying, Resizing & Deleting Objects.
Complex Shape: Polygon and stars, creating spirals, Drawing Grids & Drawing perfect Shapes.
Nodes & Paths: Three types of nodes, converting an Object to curves & Working with Nodes
Lines & Curves: Using the freehand tool, Bezier tool, Setting the line properties, adding arrowhead, Calligraphic lines, Cutting object Apart, Using eraser tool & Artistic media tool,
Page & Document Setup: Page size & orientation, Background setting, adding & deleting pages, Document navigation & viewing Document info.
Tools for Precision: Working with the Rulers, Setting the Unit of Measures, Using Guidelines & Grid, Using Status Bar & Aligning objects.
Color & Fills: Solid Color fills & outlines, using color Palettes, Using Eyedropper & paint Bucket, Color Management, creating Fountain fills, adding Pattern to objects, adding a texture fill & Interactive Mesh fill tool.
Working with text: Adding text to a document, formatting text, importing text, text layout embellishing text.
Text Special Effects: Skewing & Rotating Text, Creating Drop Shadows, Fitting text to path, Extruding text & the neon effects.
Stacking & Layers: Changing the stacking order & working with layers.
Object arrangement: Grouping Object, Locking objects, Combining & Breaking Objects Apart, Transforming Objects, Locking objects. Combining & Breaking Objects Apart, Transforming Objects & shaping objects.
Special Effects: Using Envelops, Blends, adding perspective, Creating shadow objects, The power clip command, Interactive transparency tool, Interactive distortion tool, Interactive contour tool & lens Docker.

(Using Pagemaker, Corel Draw & Photoshop, Illustrator): Visiting Cards, Letter Head, News Paper adds, Flyers, Foldable brouchers, Booklets, Books magazines, front covers, wedding cards, Birthday cards, registers, logos, lottery tickets, banner, poster.

Understanding various tools of photoshop

Understanding Various Palettes.

Switch colors

Details about status Bar, Option Bar

Edit image in standard mode, mask mode.

Various image display options

Various edit commands

Various image commands

Color Adjustment and modes

Various layer commands

Various select commands

Various filter effects

Various view commands

Print options


Introduction and setting up the drawing page

Using the rulers, grid and guidelines viewing document, drawing & shaping, arranging objects, grouping, ungrouping, locking and unlocking layers

Pattern and texture fills, adding graphics symbols & special characters, Editing, formatting text formation paragraph linking

Arranging drawings, editing objects, shaping, rotating, stretching, positioning, modifying various images, vector bitmap, working with link and applying special effects

Importing and exporting files and objects

Creating colors and working with halftone images, resizing, positioning of image, color corrections, RGB mode, CMYK mode, converting various formats, Printing options