About Us

Our Vision & Mission:

In keeping with the vision of our founder Don Bosco, the management of this institute is committed to the holistic development of persons, and especially of youth irrespective of caste or creed. Consequently, our entire educational system has youth as its focus, so as to make them honest citizens and good persons who regard God as the primary driving force in their lives. We dare to affirm that we are rooted in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate source of our wisdom; it is this mission which gives the impetus to our whole work of education. Such a vision inspires the entire work of the management and staff, and it becomes an inspiration to the youth whom we seek to educate using reason, faith in God and loving kindness. Deriving from this vision, our mission directs us to the education of disadvantaged youth, who need support to find gainful employment, in order to live a dignified life in society. We firmly believe that true education goes beyond the classroom, and that it’s positive effects on those educated by us, must be experienced in the streets, in homes and in places of work and relaxation.